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Stainless Steel Pipes
Stainless steel pipes are kinds of cylindrical tubes made from carbon steel, resistant to corrosion and rust, typically in round shape. They're alloyed for durability. Connection welding ensures seamless joints. Available in different sizes, they offer warranties, boasting advantages like longevity, resistance to corrosion, and suitability for diverse applications in different industries.
Pipe Fittings
Pipe fittings are components utilized for connecting sections of pipes or tubes, facilitating fluid flow in plumbing or industrial systems. Made from selected stainless steel, they come in round or rectangular shapes, adhering to standards like AISI, ANSI, and ASTM. Black painting surface treatment guarantees corrosion resistance, with welding connections offering durability and ease of installation.
Steel Flanges
Steel flanges are industrial-grade components used to connect pipes, valves, or equipment, ensuring leak-proof seals in various applications. Made of high-purity stainless steel (SS) or mild steel (MS), they come in round shapes and different sizes. Their silver color signifies durability, corrosion resistance, and adaptability to diverse environments and pressures.
Stainless Steel Bars
Stainless steel bars are kinds of industrial-grade components mostly utilized in construction applications. They are made up of carbon steel or alloy steel, providing strength and durability. Their silver color signifies corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal. Stainless steel bars offer high tensile strength, longevity, and versatility in various construction projects.

Stainless & Duplex Steel Bar
Stainless and duplex steel bars, with carbon steel as a base, are crucial industrial components in construction. Their silver hue signifies corrosion resistance and durability, ideal for structural integrity. These bars offer high tensile strength, longevity, and adaptability in diverse construction applications, ensuring reliable and robust structures in varied environments.
Inconel Fittings
Inconel fittings, such as nipples, are made of stainless steel with a galvanized surface treatment, appearing silver. They offer durability and corrosion resistance in demanding environments. These fittings find extensive use in high-temperature and corrosive applications across industries like aerospace, chemical processing, and marine. They often come with warranties, ensuring reliability and performance.
Nickel Sheets
Nickel sheets, graded for industrial usage, exhibit a silver hue indicating corrosion resistance and durability. Mostly utilized in aerospace, manufacturing, and chemical industries, they offer super thermal and electrical conductivity, along with excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation. Their malleability allows for versatile fabrication, catering to a number of application needs.
Olets Fittings
Olets fittings, made from stainless steel, facilitate branching connections via socket joints, appearing silver. They are typically available with warranties, guaranteeing reliability. These fittings offer advantages such as corrosion resistance and durability. Widely utilized in piping systems, they enable efficient distribution of fluids in industries like oil and gas, power generation, and  petrochemicals.
Stainless Steel Rods
Stainless steel rods, typically crafted from selected carbon steel, are industrial-grade components vital in construction projects. Their silver color signifies super corrosion resistance and durability. These rods offer excellent tensile strength, longevity, and versatility in varied construction usages, ensuring structural integrity and reliability in diferent conditions, and environments.
Inconel Pipes
Inconel pipes, silver in color and cylindrical in shape, are known for their high-temperature strength and corrosion resistance. Widely utilized in aerospace, chemical processing, and marine industries, these types of pipes excel in harsh environments. Their durability and superior performance make them indispensable for transporting corrosive fluids and gases at high temperatures.
Butt Weld Pipe Fittings
Buttwelded fittings are industrial-grade steel profiles, commonly made from selected grade carbon steel, known for their silver color denoting durability and corrosion resistance. They offer seamless integration, guaranteeing leak-proof joints in pipelines and structural systems. Their precise fabrication allows for high-pressure applications, making them essential components in various industries like oil and gas, construction, and chemical.

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